University Business School (UBS), Panjab Univer-sity, Chandigarh, India is pleased to announce Inter-national Conference on “Global Issues in Management (GIM 2019)” in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University, UK & Western Sydney University, Australia. The Conference promotes collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals from management and its related disciplines.  For managers to perform at optimal operational functionalities, a shift must take place from a local, national and international level of mindset, to a global mindset of reasoning, which requires continuous development through intellectual enlightenment. Theoretical frameworks should be used to explain the practical operations of managers. Papers could introduce germinal and seminal theories to make practice and explain a managers’ present existence. Development of local mangers’ orientation, rationale and thinking must be congruent with information technology, relationship marketing, and the capacity to operate effectively and efficiently through the line of productions, including the back and front offices. Accordingly, the conference intends to explore the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in Management. Academics, researchers, doctoral students, and practitioners are invited and encouraged to submit original research papers in all areas of Management and related issues.

Conference Themes/ Tracks

Proposed themes or tracks of the conference but are not limited to contributions only to these tracks
  1. Global Business Law and Ethics
  2. Global Business Policy, strategy and Economic Issues
  3. Global Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  4. Reengineering Financing
  5. Forensic Accounting
  6. Global Business HR Perspectives
  7. Global Innovative Education & Academic Administration
  8. The Global Village of Internet, E-Commerce & Technology Management
  9. Orientation of Management and Organizational Behavior
  10. Global Information Systems
  11. Competitiveness on Managerial Global Terrain
  12. Global Issues in Marketing Management
  13. Managers Line of Production and Operations Management 
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