University Business School (UBS) at Panjab University has been imparting quality management education to develop dedicated, innovative and effective managers, researchers and teachers for six decades. The rechristening of the Department of Commerce and Business Management as University Business School in 1995 by the Panjab University, symbolizes the recognition of completeness and maturity of the Department as a center of management education in India. The transformation from a Department to a school has given it a distinct identity as a 'School of Thought.' The philosophy of the management education at the UBS is built on an integrative value system. The philosophy of the school is translated into a mission of creating wholesome personality of human beings with a view to produce effective managers, researchers and teachers. The faculty of the UBS trained in India and abroad, has earned international recognition in the industry and academia. The faculty interacts with industry through consultancy assignments, management development programs, and industry focused research and case studies. A good number of top executives from the industry in and around Chandigarh take regular classes at the school, which helps in imparting pragmatic sense to the teaching-learning process. In addition, management luminaries are invited for special lectures

Panjab University

Panjab University is one of the oldest Universities in India, Established in 1882 as University of Punjab at Lahore (now in Pakistan). Panjab University has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in the field of Science and Technology, Business Management, Humanities, Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Research and Sports, guided by the motto ‘Tamso Ma Jyotyrgamaya’. University campus is spread over an area of 550 acres (2.2 km2) in sectors 14 and 25 of the city beautiful, Chandigarh. University has 78 teaching and research departments and 15 Centres/Chairs for teaching and research at the main campus located at Chandigarh. The University has, for the past 50 years, continued to create beacons of light that have set benchmarks of performance and efficiency for others to follow​

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